eCommerce Pulse Podcast :Shopify Reunite: Recap and Reactions

Last week, our Founder Deb Hopkins sat down with Leighton Taylor from to discuss their thoughts on the new announcements at last week's Shopify (Re)Unite Virtual event on Wednesday, May 20th. We didn't touch on every single aspect of the announcements but rather discussed the highlight reels from their perspectives. For the full recap from Shopify, you'll get a better understanding of all of the wonderful bombs dropped over the 90-minute event.

In this episode, we discuss:

Localization - Local orders + tools for businesses to better serve their customers

Cross Border Sales including multiple domains, multiple currency + languages

Flexibility with the New Online Store Editor Experience - Sections for all pages

Personalization - Subscriptions / Upsells /Cross Sells

SHOP App - tracking the carbon footprint for buyers

Installments - Tools to help merchants sell more especially with higher ticket items

Performance Dashboard - site load-time and site optimization 



Leave us a comment below and let us know what some of your favorite announcements were from Shopify (Re)Unite.


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