April eCommerce Recipe

Whether you are a Shopify app developer, a partner, or a merchant, there is opportunity for you to go into your inventory of what you currently have as "ingredients" and use them up to make something really sweet and fulfilling. 

​If you are a Shopify merchant, you can use old seasonal inventory that you still have on hand and do a fire sale to encourage your customers to buy your inventory that would just sit there otherwise. Perhaps you can get creative with bundling the products together to offer it as a mystery box or have some fun with it in other creative ways.

​If you are a Shopify partner who focuses on development or creative services, you can repurpose existing resources and assets to use to iterate off of. Within that, you can offer deep discounts for repurposing those assets thereby saving you time and helping merchants succeed with less of an upfront investment. As they grow or recover, they will remember how you were there for them during a much needed time of need and offered some relief.

​If you are a Shopify app developer, you can look for opportunities to add in much requested features that are in high demand to your customers right now. By doing this, they can either upgrade their plans or you can reach customers you wouldn't have without those new features.

​Regardless of which bucket you fit into, we are sending you much love to you all while we are in a very interesting season of life. Together we will get through this!

Stay strong, stay focused, and most of all stay creative with how you can help others around you succeed during these uncertain times.

Deb from Causeway305

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