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I'm a content and design social marketing expert with success in helping DTC brands acquire and retain customers through media strategy, content strategy and creation, copywriting, and digital ad creative production. With over twenty years of experience in marketing with six years of experience working within the Shopify ecosystem, I have become an industry leader in the strategy of successful marketing campaigns. I have been a reoccurring contributor to industry-leading content through speaking on podcasts or industry events and written pieces. You can find my Twitter account for useful tips. I also help run a networking group for Women in Shopify, and you can join the conversation in our Facebook group. I studied Advertising at the University of Central Florida and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University.
Over the past six years, I have worked within the entire Shopify ecosystem allowing me to have an aerial view of the landscape from partner to merchant and merchant to partner. I've worked directly with partners ranging from app developers, web development agencies, and a top paid social agency that manages paid social campaigns for some of the best DTC brands in the world. For the past five years, I oversaw the design process that has been a trailblazer for a lot of the best performing ad trends in the industry. In 2021, I will continue to work with brands spending between $30k-$1M per month on ads on an independent basis.