We are Shopify Experts who care about growing food and beverage businesses on Shopify. Whether you are looking to pivot your wine or food product to sell directly to consumers or move away from Amazon owning your customer, we can provide strategic guidance on the best way to tackle that.
Our Founder Deb Hopkins has been in marketing and advertising for 20 years and eCommerce for 10. Direct response marketing has been in her blood since 2002. In 2013, she found Shopify while working on the development side at an agency. She realized there was a huge gap in getting your store built and being able to drive traffic and customers to it. Beyond the need for driving sales, are the complexities of figuring out other services such as which email marketing solution should you focus on, to which ad creative should be used in your Facebook marketing program. These and much more seem to be reoccurring questions and themes you needed help with. In 2016, Causeway 305 was founded to help you figure out the best way to achieve these questions.
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