• July Recipe - Celebrate All Wins

    by Deb Hopkins
    Marketing recipes are a monthly curated list of 'food for thought' advice on staying on the course of driving success forward on building your Shopify store's revenue and business success.
  • June Recipe is Pivoting Your Messaging

    by Deb Hopkins June Recipe is Pivoting Your Messaging
    We had a lot of great ideas for our recipe this month but with the current state of affairs in the world, we decided to pivot.    Pivoting your...
  • eCommerce Pulse Podcast :Shopify Reunite: Recap and Reactions

    by Deb Hopkins Ecommerce Pulse Podcast with Leighton Taylor and Deb Hopkins
    Last week, our Founder Deb Hopkins sat down with Leighton Taylor from envision.io to discuss their thoughts on the new announcements at last week's...
  • Shopify Partners Weigh-In On The Shopify (Re)Unite Updates

    by Deb Hopkins
    The theme of this week's Shopify (ReUnite) was personalization and flexibility. The 90-minute virtual event was jam packed with Shopify's road map for future initiatives and roll out plans for the platform to enable 'Making Commerce Better For Everyone', Shopify's motto. Shopify Experts weigh in on their most exciting announcements.
  • 6 Ways To Improve Your Shopify Store Today

    by Deb Hopkins 6 Ways To Improve Your Shopify Store Today
    6 ways you can easily improve your Shopify store today with ease and very little friction to get up and running quickly.
    Posted in Shopify
  • April eCommerce Recipe

    by Deb Hopkins April Ecommerce Recipe for Shopify Partners
    Whether you are a Shopify app developer, a partner, or a merchant, there is opportunity for you to go into your inventory of what you currently hav...
  • The Rear View Mirror in eCommerce Marketing

    by Deb Hopkins
    In marketing, just because a concept or strategy worked well once, does not mean if you repeat it again, it will continue to work. Additionally, just because you try a new email subject line, an ad format or ad copy, a different landing page or conversion path once and it did not work, it's not worth trying again at another time with a different approach.